Sustainable Bamboo

An Ecosystem of Beautifully Engineered Bamboo for Residential & Commercial Projects



We use only the highest quality glass, styled by leading designers and installed by expert fitters



All Quantum glass meets strict Australian safety standards and is fitted to maximise strength and stability



Each of our projects is uniquely designed to suit your individual needs and style and fit seamlessly with your home’s  design

Solid Bamboo Bench Tops

  • Ideal for use in the home or office

  • Beautifully finished and durable

  • Range of stains available

Sizes available:

  • 2440x600mm 30mm thickness

  • 3000x600mm 30mm thickness

  • 2440x600mm 30mm thickness

  • 3000x600mm 30mm thickness

  • 2500x640mm 38mm thickness

  • 3500x600mm 38mm thickness

Bamboo Slat Screens

  • Perfect for adding privacy to an overlooked garden or along the side of a balcony

  • Can be mounted on rails as a moveable screen for existing windows and balcony doors

Sizes available:

  • 1800x900mm with 20x20mm slats

  • 2400x1200mm with 20x30mm slats

  • 2400x1200mm with 20x30mm slats

  • Custom size screens are available with a 20mm or 8mm gap between slats

Bamboo Slat Screens Monaco Series
Bamboo Capping for a Beautiful Finish Job

  • 1450/1930/2900mm

  • Custom sizes available

  • 20x20mm Slats

  • 8mm Gaps between Slats

  • Assembly with secret fixing to aluminium Backing strip

  • Installation on to existing walls fence or we can supply an aluminium frame when required

Feature Walls and Ceiling Panels

  • Create a stunning designer feature wall

  • Upgrade an existing BBQ area

  • Add strip LEDs for stylish recessed lighting

S Panel range
Sizes available:

  • 5800x140m

  • 2900x140mm

  • Domed and fluted panels also available

Future Range

Through constant innovation, we are always working to expand our range of products.
Our newest lines will include:

  • External cladding

  • External decking

  • Engineered structural beams

  • Pergola system

  • Pool fencing

A Versatile Range for Both DIY Customers & Industry Professionals

Sliding Screen

Made to order and used as sun protection or privacy screen our sliding bamboo screens provide the ideal solution to protect large glass doors from the extreme Australian sun (or curious neighbours) while still providing plenty of airflow to enjoy a beautiful summer breeze.

Choose 8mm gaps for more privacy or 20mm gaps for more airflow and we will create your own screens using our 20mm wide solid engineered bamboo slats ranging from 20mm to 50mm deep in a 10mm increment.

We can even create a 3D screen by combining different slat depths and colours for a more personalised design.

Fusion Bamboo External Cladding

Our external cladding is both beautiful and extremely durable.

Providing years of enjoyment with the warmth and natural aspect of bamboo, the peace of mind of a 30 year manufacturer warranty coupled with easy installation using secret fixings for a sleek finish make it the ideal environmentally friendly external cladding system.

Bamboo Decking

Made from fast-growing Moso Bamboo and compressed at an incredible 2700 ton pressure our decking offers 1200kg/m3 density (compared to the density of Spotted Gum at 960kg/m3), exceptional durability (with a 30 year warranty), fire resistance, water resistance it is also termite-proof, anti-mildew and anti-slip (R10).

Each decking board measures 1850mm x 140mm with a thickness of 18mm is installed using stainless steel secret fixings. Installing our Bamboo decking doesn’t require any holes and only one secret fixing is required whereas traditional decking requires 2 screws. This method saves you time and reduces damage caused to the boards by pre-drilling also improving long-term weathering.

Solid Bamboo Beams

As part of our continuous product development, we have created a range of structural beams and posts for the construction of various structures including patios, carports, pergolas, gazebos, staircases and more. The range will also allow builders to incorporate Sustainable Bamboo when building balconies, decking structures and carpentry work.

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